All Pokémon natures defined: full listing of natures and stat modifications

Shiny Azumarill.
Pokémon has captured the hearts of gamers for many years, offering limitless pleasure as they discover the franchise’s distinctive world and seize, breed, and battle the creatures. And whereas the collection is thought for being accessible to gamers of all sorts, it’s additionally deceptively easy. Beneath all the cute vibes are varied deep techniques which have typically quiet, however no much less vital, roles in amassing and preventing every sport’s Pokémon.
One of those techniques is Pokémon natures, which may play a big half in every creature’s stats on account of how they differ in stat distribution. Here’s the whole lot you want to learn about Pokémon natures alongside a listing of each one in every of them.

What are Pokémon natures?

Some pokemon in Arceus.
Every Pokémon you seize has a nature randomly connected to them, basically granting them a particular persona trait. Though these persona traits themselves don’t have any significant affect on how your Pokémon acts, they do present particular stat boosts and reductions which are essential if you happen to’re trying to get probably the most out of the Pokémon in battle.
There are a complete of 25 natures that may be utilized to a Pokémon you encounter. Five of those are impartial, that means they supply no stat boosts or reductions, whereas the remaining natures all improve one stat by 10% and reduce one other by 10%.
Because of the stat variations between every nature, it’s important to hunt out the character that most closely fits the Pokémon you’re wanting so as to add to your lineup. For occasion, if it’s a Pokémon that primarily makes use of Special Attacks and has little use for the standard Attack stat, you’d wish to preserve attempting to catch one which has a Modest nature, as this raises the previous at the price of decreasing the latter.

All Pokémon natures and their stats

Here are all Pokémon natures alongside the stats which are raised and lowered by them, respectively.

  • Adamant – Attack/Special Attack
  • Bashful – Neutral
  • Bold – Defense/Attack
  • Brave – Attack/Speed
  • Calm – Special Defense/Attack
  • Careful – Special Defense/Special Attack
  • Docile – Neutral
  • Gentle – Special Defense/Defense
  • Hardy – Neutral
  • Hasty – Speed/Defense
  • Impish – Defense/Special Attack
  • Jolly – Speed/Special Attack
  • Lax – Defense/Special Defense
  • Lonely – Attack/Defense
  • Mild – Special Attack/Defense
  • Modest – Special Attack/Attack
  • Naive – Speed/Special Defense
  • Naughty – Attack/Special Defense
  • Quiet – Special Attack/Speed
  • Quirky – Neutral
  • Rash – Special Attack/Special Defense
  • Relaxed – Defense/Speed
  • Sassy – Special Defense/Speed
  • Serious – Neutral
  • Timid – Speed/Attack

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