‘Chivido’ and the fantastic thing about mixing

If what prevails on Nigerian leisure scene had a approach of immediately influencing English dictionaries, the likes of Oxford, Cambridge and Collins would have gained a brand new entry from our zone prior to now few days. The new time period would have been ‘Chivido’, the trending creation combining the names of star artiste, Davido, and his just-married spouse, ‘Chioma’. So standard has it develop into that not even conventional media may resist utilizing it: Chivido.

Interestingly, the time period might have been casually or arbitrarily conceived — as others fashioned for comparable events usually are — however the technique of forming it’s actual in language. When you be a part of part of a phrase to the portion of one other (or to everything of it), and kind a brand new phrase from the train, the method is known as mixing.

Also known as mix, it contrasts with compounding, which entails bringing the entire phrases collectively. Because we’ve mentioned phrase formation on multiple event, I anticipate previous members of this class to recollect examples of each. These embrace brunch (breakfast + lunch) and Nollywood (Nigeria + Hollywood) for mixing; and classroom in addition to schoolchildren for compounding. Other examples of mix phrases are bike (motor + bicycle), weblog (net + log), sitcom (state of affairs + comedy), biopic (biography + epic), Oxbridge (Oxford + Cambridge) and smog (smoke + fog).

A well-liked phenomenon

Blending, as we’ve in our personal ‘Chivido’, is a common phenomenon. That is why many specialists have written about it, typically with a tone of endorsement. For occasion, on Studysmarter.co.uk, it’s captured thus: “Blending in English grammar refers to the process of combining the sounds and meanings of two words to create a new one. This linguistic phenomenon is also known as a “blend,” “portmanteau,” or “fusion.” It’s a standard approach of increasing the vocabulary in English and entails merging two totally different phrases in such a approach that the traits of each are nonetheless recognizable.”

Also, one other author, Matt Norton, says on cambridge.org:  “Blend words are popular in modern English and there are a lot of possibilities for designing them. They are interesting because they can capture the mood of a time, e.g. Brexit, or they can form families of similar items. Blend words expand a language, adding new words and new concepts. They appear to exist in every language, and they are quite democratic in that it is easy for anyone to make up new ones which might end up becoming popular English words.”

Handling mixing

In mixing, sure elements must be famous. First, pronunciation comfort seems to dictate the association of the cuts being mixed, though the preliminary components of the phrases are sometimes joined. Consider br + unch, which turns into brunch. Could it have been unchbr (unch + br) or lunbr? It would positively have been phonologically odd.

The second issue is that, when talking or writing, should you should use a brand new mix — the one you generated your self — be sure that the context readily set up what it means. It might be counterproductive in case your listener or viewers can’t relate with the thought you’re taking part in round.

Between mix and acronyms

Apart from the truth that mixing just isn’t the identical as compounding, its merchandise are additionally totally different from acronyms. Acronyms are phrases fashioned from the preliminary letters of different phrases. Only the preliminary letters! Examples are NEMA, CAF, FIFA and WHO, respectively which means the National Emergency Management Agency, Confederation of African Football and World Health Organisation. Compare them to those mix phrases: malware (malicious ware) and e-mail (piece of email). There is a distinction as a result of the latter are generated from components (not letters) of the unique parts.



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