‘Creation of new emirates an assault on our culture’, Sanusi defends Kano unity

The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, delved into the controversies surrounding his removing by the earlier authorities and his subsequent reinstatement by the present administration on Saturday.

This is as he attributed it to the present administration’s recognition of the significance of conventional establishments in governance.

He reaffirmed his dedication to persevering with his work on social reforms and supporting the welfare of Kano folks.

However, he maintained that he was not afraid of being eliminated once more and that he solely wished that the Emirate ought to stay one.

The monarch disclosed this and lots of extra in an interview with Saturday Sun.

He asserted that the present points stem from divisions manufactured by the earlier authorities of Abdullah Ganduje).

This is as he added that the folks of Kano, a largely homogeneous society, by no means requested to be divided into new emirates.

When requested how he meant to handle the post-reinstatement crises, Sanusi stated, “You ask about managing the fallout. You see, this was one thing created and manufactured by the earlier authorities. The folks of Kano by no means requested to be divided. In elements of this nation, you might have had emirates and kingdoms created, and you’ll perceive that.

He stated, “If you go to Kaduna State, at one time, you had every part beneath Zaria. But you had enormous Christian minorities, completely different ethnic teams, and chiefdoms have been created for them. It is smart in the event that they felt that they didn’t wish to be beneath the emirate system or beneath what they noticed as a self-denial system.

“But Kano is a largely homogeneous society. If you see the Christians in Kano, they’re a part of us. They don’t say they wish to depart us. They’re not asking for a unique system. Nobody. If you go to Tudun Wada, we now have Christians. You go to Rano; we now have Christians. We had a problem in Rogo. You could keep in mind that there was a problem. People went and burnt the church. I went there, took out my very own private cash, and rebuilt the church.

“So, we are one people. Nobody asked for new emirates. So, what we are dealing with is a situation where somebody divides us. And actually, when you create these things, some people get some privileges. They didn’t ask for it, but they’ve enjoyed it for four years.”

Sanusi requested how the individuals who have loved what they don’t deserve for years now will react.

He continued, “Now, after they lose it, it’s an issue. But the issue just isn’t what has occurred right this moment. It is what occurred 4 years in the past. If it had not been achieved, we’d not be on this scenario right this moment.

“We are one household; we’re one folks. Somebody comes and divides us up. Even on this household, he takes one emirate and provides it to part of the household.

“Now, when folks take pleasure in it for 4 years and you are taking it away from them, it turns into an issue.

“The Yolawa; the household of Madakin; the Jobawa; the household of the Makama. These are kingmakers. You now take two of the 4 kingmaker households, Madakin and Makama, and say they need to go and report, to not Kano, however to an emirate that you simply created in Bichi. Something that was run by a village head who was a district head. How? You make a legislation and say, these are the kingmakers in Kano.

“We have had four traditional kingmakers in all our history. Because you like a particular individual, you just decided, as a governor, that we now have five kingmakers. Out of nowhere, you created a kingmaker position for an individual.”

The monarch additional said that the scenario in Kano just isn’t about him personally, however about Kano’s historical past and tradition.

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Sanusi insisted that the creation of recent emirates disrupted the neighborhood.

“You’re coping with Kano. You’re not coping with me. It’s not about me as an individual. It’s about our historical past and our tradition. How does he change into a kingmaker? The different kingmakers, the opposite 4, how did their households change into kingmakers? When they went and waged the Jihad, after they got here and risked their lives, and after they reached this settlement, these 4 selected the emir.

“We are usually not superior to them. We’re all a part of the Jihad. And they agreed that, for peace, we don’t wish to have three, 4, or 5 ruling homes; we’ll permit you to produce the emir, however we’ll determine who turns into the emir. These are the 4.

“So even in these emirates that they created, what they’d achieved was destroy the folks. But we who appoint them as district heads know the households from which we choose the district head.

“I’m making this level so that you perceive that this isn’t about me versus anyone. This was a complete assault on a system.

“Even if you want to do it, if it had been well motivated, if you sat down with us to discuss, with people of Rano or people of Gaya, if genuinely they say they wanted an Emirate and the government said we want to do an Emirate, there’s a way of doing it. You sit down, you look at the history. Okay, who are the ruling families? How do you do it? What is the process? And you do it in line with our custom and tradition,” the monarch enthused.

He additionally faulted the legislation to result in creation.

“Kano Emirate was not created by the Nigerian Constitution. The Emirate existed earlier than Nigeria.

“The Kano Emirate existed earlier than the Sokoto Jihad. Even Uthman Danfodio didn’t create the Kano Emirate. The emirate was there. All that occurred was that a few of his disciples waged a Jihad and conquered Kano. But Kano was in existence.

“You will never find a law in the Nigerian Constitution or any law that created the Kano Emirate,” he declared.

Meanwhile, the monarch additionally defined why he didn’t problem his removing in courtroom.

He famous that this was attributable to his perception that being chosen as an Emir was God’s determination, and if God determined it was time to depart, so be it.

Answering the query, he stated, “I didn’t problem it for plenty of causes. I’ve instructed you that I don’t have a basic proper to be an emir. I’m one in all tons of of princes. God selected me.

“And if God says I ought to depart, for me, I take it that God is aware of higher than me why I needed to depart. Okay, let’s say I’m going to courtroom.

“Let me even say this; I simply received a letter that stated I had been dethroned for insubordination. I had by no means been queried for insubordination. The particulars of the insubordination weren’t given. I had not been given any likelihood to defend myself.

“So, it was clear that the state and the federal governments had each determined that it was time for me to go. Okay?

“So, let’s even assume that the court said I should come back. Do you think I was looking forward to working with that government? Would I have been happy as an Emir in the last three years working with that government?”



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