Don’t ask questions! Just play this wild and peculiar nun recreation

A nun stands in a red room in Indika.
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Usually, once I suggest a recreation, I attempt to give as complete an outline of it as I can. I do know that it’s arduous to get gamers to commit money and time to one thing sight unseen. But with Indika, I’m tempted to say nothing in any respect. It’s one thing you need to expertise for your self. If that’s sufficient to intrigue you, you may cease studying right here and head on over to Steam.

I’m merciful, although, so right here’s an evidence for many who aren’t so eager on spending $25 with no context. Launched on PC earlier this week, Indika is a brand new recreation by developer Odd Meter. It’s a Nineteenth-century narrative adventure game that follows a lowly nun making an attempt to slot in at a monastery. She’s tasked with delivering a letter throughout a chilly Russian wasteland together with a male companion.

Oh, and the Devil is using together with her too.

As you may in all probability guess already, Indika grapples with some advanced questions on faith. Throughout the modern story, the titular nun engages in theological debates together with her companions whereas navigating treacherous, and typically surreal, landscapes. In one sequence, the Devil tries to get her to desert her quest. She refuses, arguing that it might be sinful to not ship a letter. When she’s requested to quantify simply how sinful that’s, the Devil chips at her logic, asking what number of letters a postman must lose to be as sinful as a assassin. By the tip of it, you’ll want you can strangle the little twerp.

Indika stands in a room fill of machinery.
11 Bit Studios

Debates like that make for a considerate story in regards to the battle to pin down logic in religions constructed across the unexplainable. Indika will get at that concept much more in its downright antagonistic gameplay. In the story’s first main sequence, a nun tells Indika to refill a bucket by trudging over water from a close-by properly. Its a grueling sequence. She slowly walks backwards and forwards, filling and emptying buckets for what appears like 20 minutes. All the whereas, the Devil questions why she has to do such menial labor — particularly when there’s a a lot sooner approach of filling the bucket that she’s not allowed to make use of. It’s a maddening sequence that ends within the final anticlimax and a complete downer for any gamers holding on to religion that the arduous sequence will repay.

Indika‘s most fiercely comedic idea comes in the form of its “levelup system.” Throughout the adventure, Indika can get points by finding collectibles or lighting candles. Get enough and she’ll degree up, permitting her to unlock a brand new node on the ability tree. Those expertise are are nonsense upgrades like “Grief 4” that give her extra factors or oddly particular level multipliers. Tool suggestions throughout loading screens guarantee gamers that the system is fully meaningless, however that possible received’t cease gamers from making an attempt to max out her expertise.

Indika sits with a Russian man.
11 Bit Studios

Moments like that present sharp spiritual satire, even when the sport can wallow in cynicism at instances. Much of the story hovers round Indika’s repressed sexuality, a reasonably drained trope in darkish tales about nuns that doesn’t add a lot right here. Even as an lapsed Catholic-turned-atheist myself, there are some eye-rolling scenes that threaten to stray too far into edgy territory.

Though even with that critique, I wouldn’t classify Indika as an atheistic textual content. If something, it does a unbelievable job at visualizing the facility of prayer (which performs a task in some glorious, space-bending puzzle sequences) and making a Devil that feels more true to the one within the Bible than the best way the demon is portrayed in most media. But past that, Indika touches on one thing much more core to the topic it’s critiquing. Curiosity and questioning are an necessary piece of Christian religion. Believers are supposed to ask robust questions that problem and strengthen their beliefs. Even with its pitch black humor, Indika places that course of into motion to craft a compelling disaster of religion for its troubled hero.

It doesn’t reply any query it poses — nor ought to it. That’s for gamers to take up with their God.

Indika is out now on PC. Based on our testing, it’s appropriate with Steam Deck too.

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