Elon Musk provides a tour of SpaceX Starfactory rocket web site

SpaceX chief Elon Musk has given Everyday Astronaut YouTuber Tim Dodd an intensive tour of the Starfactory in Boca Chica, Texas.

Shot on the day earlier than the fourth test flight of the Starship megarocket earlier this month, the hourlong video takes viewers inside the power the place staff are constructing the varied rocket parts and assembling the car itself.

Musk mentioned he envisages the brand new facility, components of that are nonetheless below building, making as many as 100 Starship spacecraft a yr, with the final word objective of constructing as many as a thousand, although extra manufacturing amenities can be wanted to achieve that objective.

Musk takes viewers to many components of the Starfactory, together with to a room full of the mighty Raptor engines that energy the Super Heavy booster that lifts the Starship spacecraft to orbit.

The SpaceX boss explains how the next-gen Raptor engine will fly with out a warmth protect. Because it’s uncovered, it’s going to require integral cooling circuits all through the entire engine’s components, “so it looks very simple on the outside, but it’s complicated on the inside,” Musk mentioned.

He additionally talked about rocket reusability, which is central to the SpaceX system. His purpose is to construct a totally reusable rocket the place the primary stage and second stage could be landed and shortly flown once more, very similar to a big airliner. SpaceX has achieved reuse of the primary stage of its Falcon 9 rocket by bringing it again to Earth and touchdown it upright shortly after launch, however returning the second stage from area is one other problem altogether.

For the Starship to be viable, SpaceX wants to have the ability to land the first-stage Super Heavy booster and in addition safely land the Starship at its vacation spot — whether or not it’s the moon or Mars or someplace past — as it is going to be carrying crew and cargo. It then has to have the ability to safely convey the Starship residence.

SpaceX is investing enormous sums within the Starfactory because it seeks to construct out its Starship system forward of crew and cargo flights to the moon. Much testing remains to be required, nonetheless, with the Starship anticipated to embark on its fifth check flight as early as next month.

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