How to enhance battery life on a PS5 controller

Sony PlayStation DualSense Controller appears on a white background.

The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller is a feature-packed enter gadget that may provide a few of the most immersive experiences in gaming — but it surely’s not precisely recognized for stellar battery life. Luckily, there are a handful of the way in which you’ll enhance your PS5 controller’s battery life, and we’ll inform you what they’re beneath.

Set controllers to show off routinely

Everyone must take a break from a gaming session generally. If you intend to be away out of your console for a bit, you don’t need the controller to stay on for an prolonged time period, as that may eat by way of your battery unnecessarily. As such, you need to head into the PS5’s system settings and adjust the power-saving option so your controllers flip off routinely.

Lower the sunshine bar brightness

Every DualSense comes with a lightweight bar across the touchpad, which has quite a lot of options for letting sure issues in a sport. When a number of profiles are signed in directly, this gentle bar even shows particular colours to let which participant is assigned to which controller. However, this always-on gentle can drain a small quantity of energy over time, so that you’ll need to go into the PS5’s controller settings and scale back the brightness to enhance your battery life.

Turn down the controller speaker

The DualSense provides some distinctive in-game suggestions choices by way of a small microphone on the entrance of the controller. While this will improve immersion in sure video games (and even act as a microphone when you don’t have a headset), it could actually have a minor impression in your battery life. If you’re not actively making use of this considerably area of interest characteristic, head into controller settings and switch the amount all the best way all the way down to get a little bit additional play time.

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Reduce vibration depth

There’s no denying that the DualSense supplies a few of the coolest haptic suggestions we’ve ever seen, fantastically matching the sensation in your fingers to occasions occurring on display screen. But all that vibration drains extra energy than you’d assume. You can scale back this depth in controller settings, or flip it off altogether when you choose.

Turn off adaptive triggers

Like the haptic suggestions, the DualSense’s adaptive triggers are a singular and compelling addition to gaming on a PS5, granting you rigidity in your triggers for immersive experiences with issues like firing weapons or pulling giant objects in-game. But unsurprisingly, this will even have a slight impact in your battery life, so when you’re not terribly on this characteristic, hop into controller settings and turn it off.

Use a wi-fi headset

Though the DualSense options the choice to make use of a wired headset, something plugged into this headphone jack is drawing energy. If you possibly can presumably achieve this, use a wi-fi headset as an alternative to cease that small however noticeable energy drain in your controller.

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