NASA astronauts ship a Fourth of July message from area

NASA astronauts on the ISS send a Fourth of July message.
NASA astronauts on the International Space Station despatched a Fourth of July video message. NASA

Plenty of people who find themselves away from dwelling or touring removed from their family members will likely be sending messages at the moment — however right here’s one message that comes from a really distant outpost. The NASA astronauts presently aboard the International Space Station (ISS), zipping across the Earth in low-Earth orbit roughly 250 miles above the planet’s floor have despatched a Fourth of July message to these down on the bottom:

Currently on the area station are 9 crew members: six NASA astronauts and three Russian cosmonauts. The six NASA astronauts — Mike Barratt, Matt Dominick, Tracy C. Dyson, Jeanette Epps, Butch Wilmore, and Suni Williams — got here collectively to ship this message, which was recorded on June 28.

“The Fourth of July always reminds me of the freedoms that we continue to fight for every day all over the world,” Epps mentioned. “And it also reminds me of being with my family and friends,and celebrating those freedoms that we still recognize and celebrate every day.”

“For me, the Fourth of July is just a reminder of the fortitude that it took for our forefathers and their families to not only have the will to fight for our freedom, but also the courage to do so,” Dyson mentioned.

Over the years, it has change into a practice for ISS astronauts to rejoice holidays like Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, or Christmas with video messages and playful outfits and occasions. Previous years have seen astronauts don pink, white, and blue outfits or stars and stripes objects. Crafty NASA astronaut Karen L. Nyberg even iced an American flag cookie in area in 2013.

For a few of the astronauts presently on the ISS, like Barratt and Dyson, that is their second July 4th spent on the station. It can be the biggest variety of Americans who’re celebrating the day on the ISS since 2006. The ISS crew numbers usually fluctuate between 3 and 12 folks, relying on which spacecraft are coming and going from the station, and sometimes embody astronauts from Europe and Japan, in addition to the U.S. and Russia.

The massive crew for the time being is partly as a result of presence of Wilmore and Williams, who arrived on the station on the primary crewed check flight of the Boeing Starliner. They had been on account of depart last month, however points with helium leaks on the spacecraft imply they are going to be staying in area some time longer whereas further investigation is carried out.



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