Sony simply put one closing nail within the PlayStation VR2’s coffin

Astro Bot and its PlayStation character cameos
Team Asobi

PlayStation VR2 has been murdered. The perpetrator: Astro Bot.

My favourite announcement of Sony’s May 30 State of Play was Astro Bot, a brand new 3D platformer from Team Asobi that celebrates PlayStation historical past. It appears to be like extremely charming and stands out from the standard narrative-action video games like Stellar Blade that Sony tends to launch nowadays. That stated, my pleasure additionally comes with disappointment because it doesn’t seem that the sport will assist PlayStation VR2. (Digital Trends reached out to Sony to verify that was the case however has not gotten a response on the time of publishing this story.)

That’s a possible letdown as a result of video games starring Astro Bot usually present the ability and great thing about PlayStation {hardware}. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission has a fame for being among the best unique PlayStation VR video games, whereas Astro’s Playroom remains to be my favourite PS5 recreation due to the way it creatively makes use of the {hardware}. I had hoped the subsequent Team Asobi recreation may try this for PSVR2, however that doesn’t seem like the case. It looks like the ultimate nail within the coffin for Sony’s VR headset.

PSVR2’s persistent drawback

PSVR2 boasts some spectacular specs for a VR headset, and I’ve had fun enjoying video games like Rez Infinite and Zombieland Headshot Fever Reloaded on it. That stated, it’s no secret that the headset has not met expectations and that Sony has did not put out video games for it. The headset did launch with Firesprite’s spectacular Horizon Call of the Mountain, however first-party assist has been fully quiet since then.

The PlayStation VR2 sits on a table next to Sense controllers.
Giovanni Colantonio

Sony does acknowledge the headset’s existence at showcases, however all of the titles proven are at all times multiplatform. I believed Behemoth was a implausible unique to nab after seeing its trailer on the newest State of Play, however wanting into the sport additional, I found that it’ll even be launched on Meta Quest 3. I’ll doubtless choose it up there as a substitute. Earlier this 12 months, I defined how I started to prefer my Meta Quest 3 to my PSVR2. That has continued to be the case, as I’ve not placed on my PSVR2 headset since writing that article.

That’s a disgrace as a result of I’m on the lookout for Sony to provide me a cause to place it on once more, however it simply isn’t taking place. I’m not alone in that sentiment. According to market analysis companies like Omdia, the VR business is usually struggling, and PSVR2 has felt the influence notably laborious as a result of an absence of fascinating content material. After the announcement of Astro Bot, I not imagine Sony can flip this round.

Astro Bot … on PS5

None of Sony’s recreation studios seem like VR-focused anymore. PlayStation’s London Studio, which had been, pivoted to a live-service recreation before being shut down. Rumors recommend Firesprite’s subsequent recreation gained’t be VR both. I believed that if Sony would give any developer the possibility to make a recreation particularly for PSVR2, it’d be Team Asobi. With Rescue Mission and Astro’s Playroom, the Japanese developer proved itself as one prepared to discover {hardware}’s capabilities in recreation design.

A robot flies on a controller in Astro Bot.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

PSVR2 desperately wants a recreation like that, and Team Asobi appeared good for the job. If Sony doesn’t wish to give that to them, I doubt it needs to provide any recreation studio that activity. If Sony had an ace within the gap for PSVR2, it felt like that will come from Team Asobi. Instead, Astro Bot is a PS5-first recreation somewhat than a PSVR2 showpiece. Even if Sony reveals VR assist for the sport earlier than launch, the announcement signifies that no matter may come can be supplementary.

I’ve religion that Team Asobi will do a fantastic job with Astro Bot, however its existence appears to affirm that Sony has deserted first-party assist for PSVR2. The solely glimmer of hope I nonetheless have is for PSVR2 to achieve PC compatibility. Sony has stated it’s wanting into this, and up to date leaks recommend it plans to release an adapter to make it work for PC VR. If that occurs, I’ll a minimum of have the ability to use my PSVR2 to play video games like Half-Life: Alyx and Boneworks by Steam — then once more, I may technically already do that with my Meta Quest 3 if I needed.

If you’re nonetheless on the fence about selecting up a PSVR2, don’t. And if you happen to’re on the lookout for a extra particular cause why not to take action, Astro Bot simply gave you one.

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