SpaceX shares footage of beautiful orbital dawn

SpaceX has shared footage of a shocking orbital dawn captured in the course of the deployment of one other batch of Starlink satellites.

The video exhibits the orbital dawn occurring simply because the SpaceX car deploys the Starlink satellites in low-Earth orbit.

View of yesterday’s @Starlink deploy throughout an orbital dawn

— SpaceX (@SpaceX) May 7, 2024

An orbital dawn is seen from house and happens when the solar peeks over the horizon of Earth. If astronauts aboard the International Space Station stared out of the window for twenty-four hours straight, they’d see 16 orbital sunrises as a result of excessive pace at which the ability orbits our planet.


The Falcon 9 rocket powering the newest Starlink mission launched from the Kennedy Space Center on Monday, May 6. The car deployed 23 Starlink satellites to low-Earth to additional construct out the businesses internet-from-space service.

This was the fifteenth flight for the first-stage Falcon 9 booster supporting this mission. It beforehand launched CRS-24, Eutelsat Hotbird 13F, OneWeb 1, SES-18 and SES-19, and now 11 Starlink missions. It was additionally the thirty first Starlink mission of 2024, with a lot of the flights every deploying between 20 and 23 satellites.

As of final month, there have been simply over 5,800 Starlink satellites in orbit following the first deployment of 60 satellites in 2019. SpaceX hopes to have as many as 42,000 Starlink satellites in orbit within the coming years.

The service’s major intention is to carry web connectivity to distant components of the world, although it additionally serves clients in different places, with round 2.7 million individuals subscribing to the service.

Astronomers have expressed concern over the deployment of small satellites by SpaceX, saying that the daylight that displays off of them could cause brilliant streaks that intervene with their observations of deep house. In a bid to minimize the affect, SpaceX added a coat of paint to the satellites, which lowered the energy of the reflection. A mirror sticker can be used on a number of the satellites to mirror the daylight away from Earth.

Other firms are additionally getting ready to launch their very own internet-from-space companies utilizing small satellites. Amazon, for instance, is making progress with Project Kuiper, and plans to launch its first satellites this yr.

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